Who We Are

Our company history is parallel to the history of our family. It has been around for four generations, exactly since 1896 when Nunzio Russo “Senior” opened his first laboratory in Naples, which the Russo family is an expression of craftsmanship and quality in cameo and precious frames. Nunzio was a master of the goldsmith’s art and his creations reflected exclusively his own taste. Moreover, over the years, Nunzio Senior, supported by the skilled son Ciro, perfected his art specializing in frames for Cammei. Since the 1960s this long tradition has been pursued by Renato and Nunzio Junior and today, thanks to Marco and Ciro Junior, the company grows by continuing to work increasingly refined frames including the Romana, Filigrana and Etrusca are the most famous. The young “Russo”, while maintaining the origins and the traditional nature of the processes, are implementing an innovation policy that starts from the new company headquarters at the Centro Orafo OROMARE in Marcianise and continues to the use of the most innovative technologies to foster relationships and communications with its customers.